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wdt_ID Epsilon ID No. Certificate ID Name Certificate
1 EAII-100234-EG 100234-20-EG Dr. Mona Maze
2 EAII-100235-EG 100235-20-EG Rahma Mustafa Ahmed
3 EAII-100236-EG 100236-20-EG Reem Emad William
4 EAII-100237-EG 100237-20-EG Doaa Ahmed Mohamed Salama
5 EAII-100238-EG 100238-20-EG Mona Abdelazim
6 EAII-100239-EG 100239-20-EG Ashraf Mohamed Ragab
7 EAII-100240-EG 100240-20-EG Salma shamel
9 EAII-100242-EG 100242-20-EG Olfat Kamel
10 EAII-100243-EG 100243-20-EG Mohamed El-Gebaly Fathy El moazzen