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EPSILON AI INSTITUTE is a global training provider. We have our corporate office at Delaware, USA. EPSILON AI INSTITUTE is dedicated to preparing Trainees worldwide for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Future and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our goal is to train talents worldwide to build this AI Future. We are doing this by equipping Trainees with practical skills in AI (Deep Learning & Machine Learning) and Data Science. Our core strength is offering long-term and short-term courses in AI and help Trainees to become, a better-equipped and empowering them to face this competitive era. The era of artificial intelligence is upon us. 4

Why Epsilon 02

Why Epsilon

Equip the trainees with the current Industry Expectation.
Adding value to the Knowledge
Preparing the trainees to face the competitive market
To choose a Successful carrier
To transform the trainees with Positive attitude

Missions & Vision 03

Missions & Vision

To deliver quality service to all our stake holders by delivering quality training and education with upgraded world class techniques and technology.

To deliver quality Service of international standards in training through innovative methodologies backed by the latest technology in an atmosphere that encourages new ideas to flower with brilliance and transforming the Trainees which will enable them to walk successfully in all the walks of their life.

Core Values 04

Core Values

Socially Responsible We have an overriding commitment to social development in education

We have committed to act an ethical, honest, fair and transparent manner.

We trust, respect and support each other to achieve corporate objectives with self-interest.

We encourage calculated risk taking, over delivering, a bias for action and creating win-win relationships